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There are over twelve cheats available within the trainer’s functions. Keep reading to find out all the fantastic perks you’ll enjoy once you install this program on your computer. These are some of the cheats you’ll be able to use:

Infinite health

You won’t need to keep searching for items to heal your character. Their health bar will always be at its fullest.

Stealth Mode

Do we have to explain this? No one will detect you as you keep moving through the field.

No Cooldown

This trainer makes it possible to use any function without worrying about triggering the cooldown. This includes the electro-shock trap, meaning that you can continue using it regardless of how much you want to abuse it.

Infinite ammo

There are plenty of weapons in the game, but most of them require ammo. You can keep using your guns without worrying about running out of ammo when you turn this cheat on.

No reload

The infinite ammo cheat is great, but this one will turn your character into the perfect killing machine…

No recoil

Recoil is one of the most tedious features players have to deal with in this game. Get rid of it by turning on this cheat.

Infinite money

If you’ve always wanted something but couldn’t acquire it, turn on this cheat. You’ll have enough money to use throughout the game.

Infinite Tech Points

These points are like currency, but for your equipment. You’ll be granted better stuff if you use them. Why not have an unlimited amount of them?

Benefits of Using A Watch Dogs Legion Trainer

There are many reasons why gamers should use this trainer. For instance, you may know how annoying recoil can be. Not only you’ll get rid of that, but you also will be able to use your guns as much as you want and play the game in a different style.

These cheats are hugely helpful, which can turn the game into a more dynamic experience.

How The Maniac Mods Trainer Works

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the trainer from our website, please initiate the program. Select as many cheats as you want from the interface, and then start your game. You’ll be able to play with everything you chose.

About Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion is a game developed by Ubisoft in 2020. It belongs to the action-adventure genre and works as the sequel of the popular game Watch Dogs 2.

In this game, we’ll see London’s dystopian version that’s currently under the control of a military company. All main characters belong to the same group, DedSec, who are hackers. Apparently, they’ve been used as a scapegoat for bombings that occurred not long ago. But their objectives do not stop there – they want to destroy Albion as they keep controlling the city.

Watch Dogs: Legion is a unique game that grants you multiple options when it comes to characters. You’ll be able to choose different strategies, solve puzzles and even shoot, depending on what you think is best.

The game can be hugely difficult at certain points, so it isn’t a bad idea to install a trainer on your computer to help you overcome those challenges.