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This trainer contains cheats that may enhance your experience during the gameplay. You are free to enable a single cheat or multiple ones, depending on what you want to achieve. There are eight cheats available in this trainer.

Infinite health

This cheat is self-explanatory. You can keep going around without worrying about receiving damage. Your character will be practically invincible.

Infinite Oxygen

Oxygen is a crucial aspect of this game. If you want to explore a particular water body but think you won’t have enough time to survive underwater, we recommend turning on this cheat.

Super speed

You can move faster than ever by enabling this cheat. It is a great tool you can use to reach your destinations quickly.

Unlimited mana

If you like using magic weapons, you should be aware that your mana bar will decrease.

Increased melee damage

If you enjoy melee combat, this trainer will ensure that every hit you perform gives a fatal blow to your enemies.

Increased magic damage

The same as the previous cheat but applies for magic combat.

Infinite items

Once you enable this cheat, check your inventory. If it’s an item available in the game, be sure you’ll have it there.

Super jumps

Terraria requires you to jump at certain points, but some locations are too high for your character to reach if you don’t feel like waiting until you can turn on this cheat.

Benefits of Using A Terraria Trainer

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to implement a trainer for Terraria. Although this game is hugely entertaining without cheats, using this trainer can bring unlimited possibilities to your game. You no longer have to wait and play for prolonged periods to obtain certain items because you’ll have them at your disposal at all times.

You will be able to explore without worrying about dying and losing all your progress.

How The Maniac Mods Trainer Works

Regular fans develop trainers to enhance their experience. These programs modify certain data found in the game and make it more favorable to their gameplay.

First, you must install the trainer and then initiate the program. The trainer will show a series of keys you must press if you want to turn on a particular cheat. Make sure the game version matches with the trainer. If not, update your game.
If everything is okay, the cheats should work.

About Terraria

Terraria was first released in 2011. It is a combination of the action-adventure and sandbox genres. Re-Logic developed the game, while 505 Games published it.

Since its release, it has been adapted and released for multiple platforms, including Windows, PS3/PS4, Nintendo 3DS/Switch, Xbox 360/Xbox One, and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

The game receives updates continually, making the 2D sandbox gameplay richer. You can perform multiple actions, such as exploring, crafting, mining, etc. It is similar to Minecraft in numerous aspects. In almost ten years, it has accumulated a wide fan base that is increasing every day.

This game has a lot of content to exploit, giving the possibility of developing numerous cheats for it. Although these cheats are not strictly necessary, they can bring more entertainment to your game. Keep reading to find out all the features that come with this Terraria trainer.