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Infinite fuel

You can keep driving without worrying about buying fuel. This cheat will make the game easier and straightforward, as you won’t have to slow down at any time!


You will not take any damage as long as you keep driving. If you happen to hit walls or any other object, you can trust that your vehicle’s appearance will remain the same at all times.

No night time

The game’s continually changing as if it was the real world. The difficulty becomes significantly harder during the nights as you cannot see many obstacles on the road. You can avoid this by turning on this cheat. See below for a different cheat with similar features.

Set Money/Experience/Game Speed

This cheat allows you to set the exact number of money or experience you would like to have during the race or the game at any given point. You can choose to play at your pace setting the game speed yourself.

Unlimited Repair Points

If you want to keep driving without problems, turn on this cheat. It will put repair points at your disposal at any time. You can also turn on the “unlimited spare tires” cheat, as you will often need them throughout the game.

Benefits of Using A SnowRunner Trainer

SnowRunner isn’t a hard game, but it can be frustrating as it implements features that mimic situations we often have to deal with in real life. These situations can be hugely annoying, but you can make the game a lot easier and straightforward as much as you want.

How The Maniac Mods Trainer Works

You can download the installation file from our website. You must install it in your system, follow the instructions that appear on the screen, and then initiate the program. In the program, you’ll be able to choose as many cheats as you want. Once selected, please start your game and enjoy.

About SnowRunner

SnowRunner is a recent game, as it was just released in 2020. It is a racing game with unique features where you get to play as terrific cars, finish certain objectives and explore different locations. If you’re familiar with the game, you should know it has more than forty vehicles and up to fifteen locations.

There are many renowned car brands within the game, such as Chevrolet. However, the brand doesn’t matter too much as the game will test your ability to overcome the different obstacles, such as snow, water, and many others you probably already know.

Furthermore, one of the main features of the game is that these vehicles are completely customizable. You can stylish your car as much as you wish and make unique combinations as long as the game permits it. Again, your car’s looks are a unique approach to the game, but you’ll still have to deal with multiple challenges throughout the different roads.

If you want to beat other players easily and have access to a ton of features you wouldn’t have by using the regular game, we recommend installing this trainer today. Let’s see what features are waiting for you!