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This trainer has available over fourteen cheats. All of them are usable for free, and you can turn one or multiple cheats on based on what you need. Here you have some of the essential cheats the trainer has available:

Infinite Food

If your people are not eating, they will starve and won’t work for you anymore. However, this cheat makes it possible for them to eat at all times, so you don’t have to worry about it. An unlimited source of food always comes in handy for a colony!

Infinite character aspects

The game has certain features that make it different from games like Ages of Empires. This time, you have to keep track of everyone’s mood, if they’ve had enough rest, and even if they’re happy. There are indicators on the screen that help you evaluate everything. This trainer will make it possible for your citizens to be in optimal conditions and keep working at all times.

Infinite resources

Regardless of what you choose, either food or textiles, enabling this cheat means you’ll have an unlimited source of it.

Other features this trainer includes are unlimited battery energy or even infinite comfort. If it’s an aspect included in the game, you can be sure that this trainer will modify it in your favor.

Benefits of Using A RimWorld Trainer

Using a trainer for RimWorld is a good idea as you’ll make the game a lot faster. You don’t have to wait for certain features to be available again or force your citizens to work when they are in a bad mood. Using this trainer will make your gameplay so much more enjoyable and straightforward.

How The Maniac Mods Trainer Works

First, download the main installation file from our website. It is only compatible with Windows systems, starting from 7. Once installed, please initiate the trainer and select RimWorld. There, you must choose the cheats you would like to enable. Once done, please start your game to enjoy all the new features.

About RimWorld

RimWorld was in development for over ten years before its release in 2018. However, players got to play an early version of the game in 2013, and the development continued thanks to a Kickstarter campaign.

RimWorld belongs to the construction/management genre, which means it requires you to manage a wide range of resources while you’re building your city. All of this takes place in alien territory, and you’re in charge of a colony.

Besides that, this game also makes it possible to choose between numerous scenarios. You will also be able to use different characters. The game names them “pawns,” They perform specific tasks for you in a definite amount of time.

The game’s main goal is to reunite enough resources until you can escape from the said alien planet on a spaceship. However, a long time will pass before that, so you’re forced to survive to the unknown and all the events that will happen throughout the game. This situation can be overwhelming, which is why using a trainer is not a bad idea.