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  • Over 30 cheats available.
  • Works for all PC games.
  • Compatible with Linux, MacOS and Windows.
  • Completely free to download.
  • Free from malware and viruses.
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Here we list all the features you’ll be able to act on once you install the trainer in your system. These features include but are not limited to what’s mentioned here.

Unlimited Health, Armor & More

You’ll be granted access to all sorts of unlimited features. You can activate cheats for unlimited health and armor, for instance. If you’re tired of dying quickly, then you can activate these chats and make the game so much easier.

Additionally, you can combine the unlimited ammo and no reload cheats together so that you can keep playing and moving around without worrying about your weapons.

Do you want to kill everyone with grenades? This trainer also makes it possible to throw grenades at them quickly.

Game modifiers

You will be able to modify particular aspects of the game to make it more favorable to you. For instance, you can edit the experience amount you gain, your current health level, and even your armor’s durability.

You will also be able to edit how much money and grenades you have. Are you tired of not being able to carry as many items as you wish? Activate the cheat and modify the max weight your character can carry.

More features

As we said, this trainer contains too many features that will make your game a lot easier. For instance, you can freeze the mobs and also have unlimited flashlights. Imagine all the possibilities you could have if you had this trainer.

Benefits of Using a Killing Floor 2 Trainer

Using a trainer always brings benefits to your game. You will improve your gaming experience as the game will be easier, and the trainer will hand many features to you quickly. Many people enjoy games better with trainers, so it wouldn’t hurt to try them at once.

How The Maniac Mods Trainer Works

Trainers can be hugely useful, but some people do not know how to use them. If that’s your case, follow these steps:

  1. Download the file from our website, and install the trainer on your system.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions, and complete the installation process.
  3. Execute the trainer, and activate as many cheats as you want. Please turn on the “activate trainer” option if you want it to work.
  4. Initiate your game. Enjoy!

About Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is one of the most popular FPS in the modern-day. Even though the game was released in 2016, it has a huge community, and the game still receives development and continuous updates. We won’t see Killing Floor dying any time soon.

As with most survival horror games, it is possible to play it by yourself or with friends. Still, we doubt you will ever get bored of Killing Floor 2 s the developers are constantly adding new content to it.

Still, as with most games that are released nowadays, there are cheats available. You can use this trainer to implement them in your game and make it easier. Download the mod menu and find out all the amazing features waiting for you once you install the trainer.