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This trainer will add numerous advantages to your gameplay, including some of what we list here:

Infinite Health for Body Parts

Each body part of a character in Kenshi has a particular number of life points, and reaching less than one-hundred points means they can lose it permanently. However, this cheat will make sure you go around receiving as much damage as possible without worrying about your character losing body parts.

Infinite Blood

If you’re tired of losing characters, this trainer will make sure no one dies again as they will have infinite blood.

No hunger

If a character does not consume food, they may die due to starvation. Sometimes, when you’re too busy dealing with other problems, you may forget about feeding a particular character. However, this trainer will make it possible for your characters to stay alive the whole game without feeling hunger.

Unlimited access to all items

Stores have a limited item supply in Kenshi. However, this cheat makes it possible to purchase as much stuff as you want without worrying about anything.

Instant functions

If you want to produce a particular material or construct a building or any other furniture as soon as you request it, you can turn on the cheats available in this trainer to have what you want at any given moment.

Infinite money

Do you want to be able to purchase anything you see? Make sure to turn on the unlimited money cheat.

No weight restrictions

Kenshi has a feature called encumbrance. It is supposed to determine how many items a character can carry before getting too slow. This trainer makes it possible not to have restrictions. Therefore, you can continue carrying as many items as you want without worrying about moving slowly.

Benefits of Using A Kenshi Trainer

There are over ten features available in this Kenshi trainer to make your gameplay as simple as possible. It will help you meet your goals in little time to focus on different aspects of the game without worrying about the difficulty.

How The Maniac Mods Trainer Works

You must download the trainer from our site, install the file, execute it, and then proceed to specify how many cheats you would like to turn on. Then, start the game and see everything you have access to now!

About Kenshi

Kenshi has gained a lot of popularity recently, even if the game was first released in 2018. Lo-Fi Games is the company behind its development and publication.
If you’re familiar with the game, you should know that its main characteristic is the open-world It has available.

Players must explore a post-apocalyptic world and do what they can to survive all the challenges and dangers that approach them.

Like RPG games, it allows you to recruit new units, expand your horizons and vary your gameplay. The game provides one of the richest gaming experiences for open-world games, especially because it allows you to build a whole town when you’ve reunited enough units.

As with most games nowadays, Kenshi has a trainer you can use to improve your gaming experience and make it even more entertaining. Keep reading to find out all the amazing features this trainer will make available upon installation.