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House Flipper is an indie game developed by Empyrean. It was first released in May of 2018, and since then, it has gained a ton of loyal players. It doesn’t require as many resources as other games in the modern-day, so anyone can enjoy House Flipper regardless of the computer they have.

This trainer, in particular, has two main features:

Unlimited money

If you want to have access to a particular amount of money, use this cheat. You can access it by using the HotKey F1 once the trainer window is open.

Infinite upgrade points

Upgrade points are needed to obtain particular features in the game. If you want to have all the great stuff quickly and wouldn’t like to keep renovating houses, turn on this cheat.

Benefits of Using A House Flipper Trainer

House Flipper only consists in renovating houses, and for that, you’ll have access to certain tools. However, it can be hugely frustrating to want a particular item and not buy it. Why don’t you use a trainer for that instead of keep decorating houses until you can buy them?

Additionally, you will get access to all the better features thanks to the Unlimited Upgrade Points feature.

Although cheats are not a must in House Flipper, they can make your experience a lot more entertaining as you will be able to decorate the houses as much as you want.

How The Maniac Mods Trainer Works

Once the trainer is installed in your system, it will modify certain game data so you can access all of its perks. The trainer requires you to enable the cheats using certain hotkeys, which are specified in the above section.

All trainers work similarly, so you shouldn’t get lost while figuring out how it works. The trainer even has on-screen instructions in case you don’t know what to do.

About House Flipper

House Flipper is a new approach to a well-known genre. If you’re familiar with The Sims’s Build Mode, then you probably will like this game.

The main purpose of this game is to renovate houses by using multiple tools. However, unlike The Sims, you are granted more freedom to decorate and modify the building as the game focus on building only. However, please note that you will only have access to certain tools after completing some objectives.

Throughout the game, you will be able to move furniture, paint or build walls, everything you can to customize a house. You can try different combinations, and once you’re done renovating the building, you put them for sale and earn money. You can use that money for other purposes then.

The game’s premise sounds pretty easy, and it feels like cheats shouldn’t be available for such a game. However, this statement is wrong – there is a trainer available, and it includes cheats you can use to make your gaming experience with House Flipper even better than before. Keep reading to find out all the features you’ll have available once you install this trainer on your computer.