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This trainer will put at your disposal features related to the character you control and the inventory. Let’s see the amazing features you’ll enjoy once you start using this trainer:

Infinite health

Although you’re controlling a corpse, it has a health bar. Once it reaches zero, it’s game over. You can avoid that easily by enabling this cheat, as you won’t have to look for health flasks all the time. Your character’s health will always be optimal, and you’ll be able to play continually with no problems.

No Cooldown

If you want to remove every enemy that appears before you, we recommend turning on this cheat. The game uses a cooldown for certain features, so you don’t abuse them, all of this to keep the game accessible to everyone. However, you don’t have to play by the game’s rules. Turn on this cheat and start killing everything that interrupts your game!

Infinite Arrows

You use arrows to kill mobs. However, in the regular game, you’ll not be able to use them as much as you want. With this cheat enabled, you can keep shooting until you feel like everything will go smoothly.

Infinite Double Jumps

This aspect of the game doesn’t make sense at all. Why would you be forced to rationalize the double jumps on a platform game? With this trainer, that will be left in the past as you will be able to use double jumps at all times.

Unlimited Gold & Cells

As for the inventory, you’ll be granted unlimited gold so you can have access to all perks. And even better, imagine having unlimited cells! This aspect is crucial as you must use them to purchase everything. With this trainer, you’ll be able to use them as much as you want.

Benefits of Using A Dead Cells Trainer

Although the premise is interesting, the game is not all about the story but about its mechanics. The game is unique, and that can be interesting for some people, but it’s possible to make everything easier and more straightforward as you advance in the stages.

You don’t have to be stuck in certain levels. You can start using this trainer today and make the game follow your rules!

How The Maniac Mods Trainer Works

Download and install the file available on our website. Once done, please start the trainer and choose your game. Then, you’ll be able to select the cheats you want to enable. Once you’re done, start the game. Enjoy!

About Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a unique game that combines two unique genres, roguelike and Metroidvania. It is an indie game developed by Motion Twin and was made available for the public in August 2018.

The game has an interesting premise as you have to control cells found within a corpse. You’ll explore a castle that behaves like dungeons in multiple games of this genre – it changes and brings new challenges to the player each time.

Throughout the game, you’ll gain access to abilities and weapons you will use to defeat bosses or overcome particular challenges and zones.